Contract Financing

Contract Financing for the Emerging Company

Pearl Financing offers a unique approach to financing contracts. We understand that waiting for equity can be daunting, and that equity can also be expensive to acquire. Contract financing is an option that allows both settled and emerging companies to grow in business. With capital right off the bat, a company is able to make the purchases that they need to make, expand their inventory, pay more employees, and so much more, without waiting for the contract to be settled. Whether you have a contract that is in negotiation, or if you’ve got one that is already in place, Pearl Financing offers tailored options.

Financing a contract isn’t something that we take lightly. Our clients are our number one priority, and we are dedicated to each need that they have. By doing this, they are able to increase capital on their own, as well as improve their company overall. The following are some additional benefits:

  • We deal with contracts of various sizes, with minimums set at a million dollars.
  • Startups or emerging companies are the perfect candidates for this type of financing, as they are often strapped for cash.

Industries That Benefit

When it comes to the industries that can benefit from this type of financing solution, there are many. Just a few of those include municipal, education, communications, entertainment, retail, waste management, computer systems, and the list goes on.

Contact Pearl Financing for more information or to learn how you can receive financing through your contracts today.