Healthcare Financing

Providing the Medical Industry the Working Capital It Needs

The medical field is one of the most important industries out there. Most individuals rely on healthcare professionals for their lives. If a medical practice is not equipped with the right facility or equipment, they often cannot provide proper care for their patients. The good news is that at Pearl Financing, we are committed to the success of medical professionals everywhere with healthcare financing options. For chiropractors, dentists, doctors, and veterinarians, we have the solutions you need.

Equipment Financing – At Pearl Financing, we understand the importance of the most up to date equipment on the market. We offer equipment financing to help medical professionals everywhere get the equipment they need.

Debt Consolidation – To get out of debt, we offer debt consolidation to medical professionals. We want to ensure their success, and we do that by helping them with this service.

Working Capital – Medical professionals are able to use loaned capital in any way that they see fit. This may include the expansion of their practice, to consolidate their debt, or to use in personal ways.

Practice Acquisition – Medical professionals who are approved for a practice acquisition loan can buy out a partner, buy into a practice, or purchase a practice outright.

Patient Financing – With a tailored consumer financing program you can help your practice grow. With today’s increasing deductibles and tightening credit markets, getting your patients approved is no longer a challenge when you have Pearl Financing on your team. We will help your patient financing problems through our versatile programs, as an added bonus you get to experience the growth your practice deserves while helping others.

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