Working Capital

FACT — No Business Can Grow Without Capital!

No matter how strong your marketing plan is, or how inspiring your leadership team is; the fact of the matter is that no business can grow without cash. It is the lifeblood of business! In many situations business owners re-invest the firm’s revenues in order to finance growth. Often times; however, the firm needs a larger cash injection to reach the next phase of their growth cycle. That is when outside financing is required. To that end I am looking for businesses that are at that point and need a cash injection to sustain growth. I am not giving away money; I am offering real financing for business professionals! The business must meet the following criteria:

1) At least two years in operation
2) At least $250,000 in gross revenue
3) Must be profitable
4) Seeking at least $100,000
5) Minimal debt schedule
6) Owner FICO of 660 or better, with a Personal Guarantee

Any business owner that meets that criterion may qualify for up to $500,000 in financing and could be funded in as little as two weeks. If that business owner is you, or if you know someone, please reach out to me. Thanks